My name is Flavia Carrión.

In 1998, a situation of domestic violence and a succession of losses put me at a crossroads:

Either I let myself be carried away by the current of despair or I used that crisis as an opportunity to rewrite my life.

I was 35 years old and had two little girls in my charge, but I couldn’t get a job anywhere. All doors were closed, including the academic field from which I came (I am an archaeologist who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, an activity that I practiced for almost a decade).

In a supreme act of faith, I gave up repeating mistakes and abandoned the patterns and habits that had hurt me. I took the spiritual tools that I had learned to heal myself and gave them a new way, incorporating the lessons that Nature had given me in my years working and living in the country. I designed a model of consciousness practices and made it the foundation of an independent profession. I discovered my place in the tribe and went from being a researcher to facilitating workshops on Natural Spirituality for those who are also looking – like me – for a healthier way of being in the world.

That crisis of ’98 was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Taking that leap from the old me to the authentic me allowed me to financially support my daughters, travel the world, publish several books, found a School for the Teaching of Natural Spirituality, fulfill my dream of living in Nature and provide an example of courage and resilience to thousands of people who today live fully working from their hearts.

If your search resonates with similar goals if you also dream to make that leap towards a new place in the community, where your gifts are valued and you can live with dignity doing what you love and expanding without limits, I offer to accompany you.

I have resources, inspiration and, -above all – a guide for the journey to share with you.

I put at your disposal all the tools and strategies that Nature and my experience of 20 years working in the holistic field have given me. My purpose is that you can overcome internal and external obstacles with creativity and joy until you reach the dream of living in harmony with your sacred nature.

Because what you brought into the world is exactly what the world needs.

I offer you three ways where my experience can serve you:

Teachings of Natural Spirituality to reconnect with your inner wisdom and “remember what you already know”, sharing with other people who are also looking for a more authentic life. It includes Workshops and Group Experiences so that you can incorporate tools of self-knowledge and natural transformation, revitalize your energy and awaken your creativity.

Conferences in your city, where I bring my experiences and the principles of Natural Spirituality for current life so that people who have just approached this topic can know this perspective and benefit from the inspiration and motivation that it produces in us knowing that “we are Nature”. (The ideal choice if you have your groups or want to put my experience at the service of an educational institution)

Online mentoring for people who want to create a new way of life, working from their hearts and practicing a natural spirituality, and need tools and support their quest. I have navigated several crises, I know all the challenges and I can help you to overcome them.

It all starts with a message:

How I can help?


Whatsapp +54 911 6712 4526

See you soon,

Flavia Carrion